1. Who can apply to Master’s programmes and courses?

Italian and foreign citizens with at least a Bachelor (three years degree) for Master’s programmes, and with a high school Diploma for courses.


2. Is there an age limit to apply?



3. Do foreign citizens need a certificate of Italian proficiency?

No, but it’s nevessary to speak and understand Italian at least at an itermediate level to attend the Masters and courses.


4. When the call for applications will be available and when do Master and courses start?

The call for applications is open from summer to autumn. Master and courses start in January every year.


5. Can I seat the exam for the scholarship before I complete the enrollment with the payment of the first half of the fees?

No. Only enrolled students which have paid the fees can seat the exam for the scholarship.


6. I am currently attending an academic course (BA or MA) at University. Can I apply for a Master course at Verona Accademia per l’Opera?

No. The final Diploma issued by our Master’s programmes is legally recognized by the Italian legislation and cannot be obtained in the same academic year of a University degree.

A student who is enrolled to the previous academic year at University and will obtain the degree in the fall session can enroll to the Master for the current academic year.


7. I have been admitted the Master’s programme but I decided not to enroll. Can I ask the refund of the  100 euros paid when I sent the application form?

No. The refund of 100 euros will be done only in the case the student is not admitted to the Master’s programme. If the student is admitted and decides not to enroll, the 100 euros will not be refunded.